Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

BMJ provides high quality content for health professionals and researchers.

StartaDesign was approached by the British Medical Journal organisation to increase their readership and signups for their medical journals, and create global campaigns for world health days.



Drive targeted traffic to increase signups and subscriptions

Start-a-Design was faced with the challenge to increase the number of visitors to the site in order to generate improved subscriber rates and views. Focus on medical specialities to overseas and UK medical professionals.

Adwords Management


The process included:

Central Management of Google PPC advertising.

Advanced keyword analysis, research and setting up of montly campaigns.

Keyword analysis for global targeting for World health campaigns.

Reporting on Keyword spend, impressions, conversion rates, quality score, proposed improvements

Monthly detailed reporting on conversion rates, cost per conversion and keyword reports.


Targeted traffic and increased signups

Over 6 months, we created over 1 mllion impressions, 16,500 clicks and increased the conversiona rates by 1% over 6 months.

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