AMP Websites for WordPress


Is your website using Accelerated Mobile Pages?

We Build AMP WordPress websites with ‘lightning fast’ speed with custom AMP WordPress themes for a 75% to 85% performance uplift for Mobile users.

Get your mobile website up to speed today!


Accelerate your website to


You May Be Experiencing This?

 A frustrating slow loading website on mobile, that takes over 7+ seconds to load, and losing up to 50% of your visitors. FOREVER!

FACT: Your mobile website is losing you money!


More and more users are now browsing websites from their mobile phones, so your website needs to load fast for mobile users.

 If you are spending money on marketing, you are wasting your budget on lost visitors due to your slow page load times.

Slower mobile websites cost a higher on average Cost-per-click if using Google adwords to market your business.

If So, You Need Accelarated Mobile Pages

 A Faster mobile website that loads within 1-2 seconds.

 Smiley, happy visitors because your site loads lightning fast.

Our complete WordPress AMP build will enable your website visitor friendly & help reduce lost visitors .

A Faster mobile website that will make you more money!

Increase your mobile website speed and get higher rankings on Google!

Give your mobile users a faster loading website.

An increase in average visitor time on your mobile website

Boost your website with  AMP


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We Build AMP for WordPress Sites


from £1200

You will get the following;

 Free speed review of your current mobile website

 A fast loading website for mobile – under 1-2 seconds

 A ‘Before’ and ‘After’ speed optimisation reading

 Custom mobile page designs for every page.

 Setup / configuration of AMPFORWMP

 Setup / configuration of AMPFORAMP WordPress plugins

 AMP for WOOCOMMERCE Available

 Ongoing AMP support

How Much Will it Cost to build a website in AMP?


 Prices are from £1200 per website (depending on the number of pages)

 Typically a 5 page website would cost £1200

 Typically a 20 page website would cost £2500

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.
Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 14 days of delivering your AMP website.


Other recommendations: Upgrade Your Web Hosting

We recommend WPENGINE

Why Use WPENGINE for your web hosting?

 High performance web hosting designed for WordPress

Content Delivery Network (CDN) available

One Click Staging

 Dedicated Dev Environments

Automated Backups


24/7/365 Support

Free SSL Certificates



What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technology that allows web developers to create web pages that are compelling, smooth, and load near instantaneously for users – typically under 2-3 seconds for mobiles on a 3G network.  AMP adopts a lean coding framework and caching to deliver pages at a lightening speed.


How long does it take to build an AMP website?

This depends on the number of pages.  Typically it takes a day to install AMP platform on your WordPress site.  It then takes approximately 3 hours per page to create an AMP page.

What platforms do you build AMP pages for?

StartaDesign specialises in building Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress websites only.