How to segment your Hubspot Data & Contacts

15 Useful & Custom Hubspot Filters:

Guaranteed to Improve Efficiency for Sales & Marketing Teams


Hubspot filters allow you to quickly view a segment of your database right from the contacts, companies, deals, or tickets dashboard. You can use any default or custom property in your HubSpot account to segment your contacts using saved filters.

Contacts will be added or removed from saved filters automatically based on whether or not they currently meet the criteria you’ve set. These are some of the most common filter examples that we have come across over the
years when dealing with Hubspot clients. Some of the filter examples are using custom fields and are set by active workflows.

FILTER#1: Total No of Sales Activities

This filter shows the total number of Sales activities (notes, calls, sales emails, meetings, or tasks) logged for a contact.
It is a good indicator to show how active your sales staff are in terms of outreach effort, and if any propsects are going stale.

FILTER#2: Total No of Sales Emails Clicked

This filter is a custom filter and property that we created for a client who wanted to know how many sales emails a contact had clicked on, so the sales team could more target active prospects.
An automated workflow was required to count and increment by 1 everytime a sales email was clicked. It’s narrowed down further focusing on contacts that were created just last month.
Not to be confused with a marketing email, which is actually tracked for No.of clicks.

FILTER#3: Interested after watching a Video

This filter is based on a custom filter and an automated workflow with integration with Wistia Video player platform. After a video is watched , a form pops up asking if they are interested in the services
or a call back. If they answer ‘YES’, this sets a custom contact property to ‘YES’.In this case the custom property is called ‘INTERESTED TO KNOW MORE’