The 10 Step Roadmap for Implementing Hubspot Marketing & Sales Platform.

1. Initial Hubspot Consulting Call

Arrange a FREE 20 min consultation with a StartaDesign Hubspot consultant.

» Make introductions so we can get to know each other.
» Review your mission goals and how the HubSpot tools can help you reach those goals.
» Discuss and create target personas and ideal lead so we gain a better understanding of who you are trying to reach.
» Discuss your current marketing strategy and lead gen campaigns.
» Overview of your marketing team and expertise.
» Discuss your Hubspot experience so far. (if applicable)
» Ascertain your Hubspot Tool stack requirements.
» Walk through a typical Hubspot Implementation Roadmap.
» Discuss the next steps to achieve Inbound Marketing Success.

2. Define Goals & Objectives

so we have a way of measuring the success of your inbound strategy.

» Overview of the Hubspot Inbound Methodology.
» Set objectives / goals – quantitive. (increase in leads by 25%).
» Where do potential buyers look for companies / products
» What are the Marketing challenges experienced?
» Who is your ideal customer?
» How is this marketing program going to provide ROI?

3. Review & Map Journey’s Processes

view where Hubspot can help improve Inbound and Sales.

» Map Ideal Website Customer Journeys.
» Map Ideal Sales Processes.
» Create Lead Flow Statuses.
» Create Deal stages & sales pipelines.

4. Hubspot Initial Setup

technical setup, configuration & integration.

» Set up Lead Tracking.
» Add Users.
» Add Tracking Code.
» Integrate CRM
» Import Contact / Leads.
» Connect Social Media.
» Set up Hubspot Blog / External Blog.
» Exclude Own Traffic.

5. Training Part I

Introduction to Hubspot Dashboard and Tool Stack.