UKV International

HubSpot Inbound Marketing: Automated Campaigns

16 Week Campaign

The Brief

UKV International are an investment company and broker for rare whisky and fine wine investments.  StartaDesign Digital were tasked with engaging and inbounding potential clients who were interested in investing.  The main focus of the campaign was automated email marketing based on website activity and related personas.

Task Summary

  1. Create Personas
  2. Create content plan
  3. Create Pillar blog posts
  4. Create Landing pages
  5. Create marketing videos
  6. Create Hubspot Scoring criteria
  1. Setup GDPR, Double Optin
  2. Create Marketing email templates
  3. Create campaign emails
  4. Test email send deliverability
  5. Setup Automation workflows (for notifications, send emails based on persona, interests and website activity etc)
  6. Setup reporting dashboards

Campaign Summary

A number of reporting dashboards were created to review the effectiveness of the campaigns, from re-engagement from outbound campaigns and lead to opportunity funnel conversion.

The UKV International nurture campaign proved a success with an increase in open rate from 15% to 22%.