HubSpot Sales Hub & Marketing Implementation

12 Week Project

The Brief

VisionOne, a market research and analysis agency were embarking on a transformation to Hubspot from their existing contact database with the objective of implementing the full Hubspot marketing and sales platform.  This would enable them with the latest  inbound marketing strategies, automation and targeted nurture campaigns to increase prospects and improve conversions.

StartaDesign Digital created a project plan to cover the main areas including;  Sales enablement, Sales strategy, marketing strategy, Hubspot staff training, Hubspot best practices and recommendations.

The Process

The process involved a series of meetings and workshops with VisionOne with the purpose of mapping  their sales process for their different types of customers and enabling them for Sales.

The outline process was as follows:

Step 1: Sales Enablement Self Assessment including; Developing a Lead Qualification Framework,

Step 2: Create strategies including; Sales & marketing plan, Communication and messaging guidelines, Customer Personas, Smarketing meetings, content audit and strategy.

Step 3: Hubspot setup and configuration; lifecycle and lead statuses, custom properties, automation, Email templates, define lists around personas and activities.

Step 4: Hubspot Staff training. (Sequences, workflow automation, examplesof email nurture campaigns, Hubspot scoring…)

Step 5: Testing and ongoing Hubspot support.

Task Summary

  1. Create sales plan (If you have a sales plan, please send)
  2. Create Personas
  3. Create outline marketing plan (communication strategy and messaging guidelines).    (If you have a marketing plan and brand messaging guidelines, please send)
  4. What integrations are required (e.g. Facebook leads, Accounts software, Slack)
  5. Content audit, Content mapping exercise (Map content to inbound stages and Personas)
  6. Map web journeys, sales process, create pipelines
  7. Define Lifecycle stages, lead status usage.
  8. Define data collection, attributes & Hubspot custom fields
  9. Create Pillar content, landing pages
  1. Import data – test, live import (if required)
  2. Setup GDPR, Double Optin
  3. Create contact filters, deal filters
  4. Create sales emails, templates and sequences
  5. Create Marketing email templates
  6. Setup Automation workflows (Only applicable to Hubspot professional subscriptions)
  7. Setup / configure Hubspot, Email client integration, Meetings
  8. Hubspot Training
  9. Testing, Go live

Sales Enablement Process

The  VisionOne Hubspot impementation was successfully completed in under 12 weeks.