FaceBook Go Mobile With Zero

Facebook have just launched a mobile version of their site and it’s called Zero. It’s basically a cut down simplfied text version without the larger bandwidth hungry media images. Access to the site  is through  zero.facebook.com. Try it now from your mobile.

I proceeded to check this trimmed down version on my HTC mobile on O2 network. It worked a treat and straight away could get to my Inbox and messages with ease.

This is of course good news for facebook which will help them to further embed their social networking culture to more users though the operators, pre-installing the app on new mobiles.

Mobile providers and operators will now be able to encourage mobile usage and possibly leverage revenue by charging for the richer multimedia inclusive version compared to the free version. There are already 100 million users accessing Facebook from their mobile devices.

Facebook Zero will be an even lighter version of Facebook Lite, an existing service designed for social users in the developing world and rural areas of the UK with inferior broadband speeds.