Build a Lightning Fast Website Using AMP for WordPress

So you want a Super Fast Loading WordPress Website on Desktop and Mobile?

There are a number of options in creating a supercharged fast loading website using wordpress.  You can choose to optimise your existing website for mobile speed or the best option is to build a specific mobile site using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and redirect your mobile traffic to it.  This is optional, you can use AMP for desktop and mobile.

Solution : Install AMPFORWP Plugin (AMP for WordPress) to your WordPress Theme using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The Steps to Build an AMP WordPress Website

Step 1: Download AMP for WordPress Plugin

Download from here

Step 2: Decide Which Elements You want to Use for Mobile

AMP for WordPress also provide additional extensions to purchase that work in AMP framework onWordpress.   A Form AMP plugin is available for Contact Forms, Ninja Forms, or Gravity Forms, AMP Woocommerce etc

One extension that is crucial is AMP Cache – this will make a big difference to page speed load times on mobile.